Jets Press Conference: Empty Talk, and the Jets ARE Rex

Updated: January 9, 2013
Photo by Marianne O'Leary

Photo by Marianne O’Leary

Overall takeaway from today’s Jets’ Press Conference with Woody and Rex: In the absence of any substance or specifics we learned nothing: a lot of empty talk and bravado. On another level we learned a lot…Rex is firmly in charge, he’s the Last Man Standing in Woody’s World. Jets fans, if you believe in Rex like Woody does then the future looks rosy…or, if Rex in charge of the franchise scares you, then you’ve got company and the hope-line is trending down.

Photo by cool13902008

Photo by cool13902008

The scariest part was Woody’s description about the GM search, that it’s “very important for the next GM to develop a good relationship with Rex”. He said “Rex picks the coaches and the GM picks the players” (supposedly) but Rex has no playoff mandate. So Rex has the keys to the car, the GM better toe the line and jump in if he wants. The Jets are not getting any star GM who has choices. Rex is in charge.

I have to recant on some  of my speculation from previous posts: I wondered if Rex didn’t get Tebow shoved down his throat by Woody. I now understand that at no time in the past 4 years did Rex get anyone he didn’t want, he was on board for every personnel move, and in some cases like Sanchez pounded the table that this was the guy he needed to have. Mike Tannenbaum didn’t get dumb in the past 4 years after being a pretty fair personnel guy with Mangini…the difference is Rex.

Rex started out with talk about approaching his job as a “new beginning”…he’s cleverly giving himself a do-over after 4 years on the job…new GM, new Coordinators, new offense, etc. I want to have a boss like Woody, a boss who doesn’t know my business, loves me to death, lets me tag failures on everyone else, buys my dog-ate-my-homework notes and doesn’t demand performance. Woody described Rex as “smart, sophisticated”…yes that’s what I think of when I think of Rex. Rex has found Coaching Heaven.

Courtesy of gawkertv

Courtesy of gawkertv

We did learn that Sanchez is guaranteed nothing (except pay), Tebow’s Jets future is unknown, all these issues will be determined once they hire a GM and Coordinators. We also learned that Rex’s Sanchez tattoo is 3 years old and he has the tat guy on call, ready for a jersey number change if needed.

A lot of pundits believe Rex has one year to get it right after the self-described “embarrassment” of this past year, especially with a new GM on board. That would have seemed logical until today’s press conference which left me feeling that with Woody, it’s “In Rex We Trust”…that is, to be the final say on everything football. Rex is Last Man Standing in an organization that has just been machine-gunned. Yesterday Woody emphatically expressed that Rex is the one thing he believes in. As such it’s a challenge to imagine a scenario under which Rex COULD get himself fired. So:

  1. Either Woody is crazy like a fox…he’s rearranging the deck chairs in search of the worst record and first pick in next year’s draft to get a franchise QB (huh? there’re no franchise QBs projected next year?…), or
  2. Woody’s man crush on Rex Ryan has the Jets ticketed for irrelevance except as a punchline

I think I’ll go with #2. Rex gets all pics in this post as today was a total Rex lovefest. If you’re a Jets fan, I hope you’re a Rex fan because the Jets ARE Rex.


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