Jets New GM: Like We Said, Rex in Charge

Updated: January 24, 2013
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Well the Jets introduced new GM John Idzik at today’s press conference, and I think we can confirm we were right…Rex Ryan is firmly in charge of the Jets and their destiny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a dysfunctional organization as the Jets, they make the Mets look downright buttoned-up by comparison.

Courtesy of xploitme at flickr

Courtesy of xploitme at flickr

As predicted the Jets were largely turned down by the bulk of serious GM candidates and ultimately made what appears to be an unremarkable choice in John Idzik. Nothing against Idzik, he seems like a nice and earnest man. He spewed rookie cliches from Bull Durham flawlessly…shucks, I’m so happy to be here, I’m a team player, I’m just here to help, I want to thank my new little Jets at home, and thanks to Rex for showing me my office.

What Idzik did not do was demonstrate any leadership, that there’s a new sheriff in town, or that he’s bringing a philosophy that will be the guiding principle on which future Jet success will be built. When asked about who would ultimately make decisions on draft picks and personnel matters, he talked about a “collaborative” process, that they would make “consensus” decisions and he would be the facilitator of a process. Oy vey. This is the opposite of leadership. This is Rex-Unchained in charge of personnel…and we know what talent that’s produced.

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Idzik mouthed the sort of Jet-speak that’s been coming out of Florham Park…”we’re going to look for people that play like Jets” (what does that mean?…talk like Tarzan, play like Jane?). He’s bringing nothing new to the equation, just a new functionary to manage the cap for Rex.

Again nice guy but…he wants to tell you he’s done it all in football, coaching, scouting, football admin, pro personnel, cap manager, etc. But when you look at where he’s spent his time it’s really football admin/cap guy. Again not a surprise, he’s Mike Tannenbaum redux, bringing no ideas on how to architect and build a team, and no real scouting background. All the top GM’s in the game have strong playing or scouting backgrounds, they know players and can make the calls on draft boards. That is what the Jets needed. This is not that guy. Which is why he’s the Jets new GM.

Idzik kissed Rex’s ring on numerous occasions…Woody had said a new GM would have to get along with Rex. It was embarrassing. You get the feeling he played up to everybody just enough to get the job and he is truly just happy to be here (although he didn’t say he was ‘so excited to be a Jet’ with as much enthusiasm as Tebow did, but then who could?). Rex got a puppet GM as expected and we can move on.

New York Post

New York Post

Yesterday’s news had Woody saying that the Jets were open to trading Darrell Revis. When asked an opinion Idzik begged off the question as he needed to get a better handle on the situation. But supposedly he knows the Jets as he’s such a strong personnel guy. Interesting because this is a central decision in rebuilding the Jets, you’d think a new GM should be in on a decision like this before you say anything. And he’s not in the loop. Like I said, most dysfunctional operation, you can’t make this stuff up.

If there’s any good news here it’s that Mark Sanchez is reaching out to Jeff Garcia to help get him ready for Marty Mornhinweg and a presumed West Coast Offense. Perhaps Sanchez is getting a hint that his job could be in danger (along with his place in Rex’s tattoo) and he’s actually going to get a jump on next season. Mornhinweg was another guy who was not a hot candidate this year, but if there’s a chance for Sanchez to be successful it’s probably in a West Coast Offense.

The Jets are an organization in need of good news…if Sanchez took the initiative of smartly reaching out for help that would qualify as the only sign of intelligence (or self-awareness) in Rex-land…I mean Jet-land…this offseason.

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