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A Mets Fan’s Take On Mariano Rivera

Updated: November 1, 2013

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Photo by Keith Allison

With the career of the greatest closer in the history of baseball now over, everyone seems to want to offer up their appreciation to Mariano Rivera. The ones who can appreciate Mariano’s accomplishments the most are the lunatics who root for the team in blue and orange in the same city. Mets fans, including myself, have had a revolving door of ninth inning guys since Mariano Rivera started closing for the Yankees in 1997.

Mariano Rivera has more saves than the top four Mets saves leaders of all time. John Franco, Armando Benitez, Jesse Orosco, and Billy Wagner combined for 644 career Mets saves, eight less than Mo’s career total. Since 1997, the Amazins have struggled through closers like Armando Benitez, Brandon Looper, Billy Wagner, Luis Ayalya, and plenty more since Mariano has been the steady rock in the pinstripes. The Mets record for saves in a season is 43 set by Armando Benitez in 2001. To put that in perspective, Mo has 42 career saves in the postseason alone, along with 8 regular seasons of more than 43 saves.

Having that steady and reliable source anchoring your bullpen not only stabilizes the ninth inning, it stabilizes your organization. This is clearly evident in the disparity of consistency and perennial success both teams have exhibited in the Mariano Rivera era.

Mariano Rivera’s success was much more than just numbers. He was a leader. He led by example and was a focal point in the Yankees allure. He will not be remembered for his on the field accomplishments alone, but by the way he carried himself and the mark he left on baseball and the closer position.

Mets fans can only hope to find a closer that is half the pitcher and man Mariano Rivera is.

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James Cherrick – who has written posts on Big Dog Sports Blog.


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