Please Stop Talking !

Updated: April 9, 2014

I recently heard interviews with Yankee GM Brian Cashman and Yankee Manager Joe Girardi stating how much better they feel about this year’s Yankee squad going into the season than last year’s squad.

Really?  I guess they weren’t being forthright last year at this time when everything in Yankee land was puppies and daffodils.  Next year they will be telling us that they were concerned about CC’s decline in velocity, the aging infield, and no Mariano.

The Jets also recently joined the PR parade proclaiming that they are excited about their cornerbacks despite a rookie cornerback who was underwhelming and losing Cromartie to free agency.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

What are the Yankees supposed to say? “To be honest with you, we are very concerned about CC, our infield is filled with players past their prime, and we miss Mo.”

What if the Jets stated that its secondary was in trouble.  People would be in shock that they admitted such a thing.

What about athletes and coaches that have a weekly radio segment to discuss their team?  Do you expect them to disclose who blew an assignment or is just not that good?

Heck, Derek Jeter made a career of saying nothing.  Yet we keep coming back asking him the same questions.

You want basketball?  When Phil Jackson was recently hired as Knicks Czar, he said he is assessing the situation when asked about personnel including the head coach.   Everyone is assessing and monitoring.  What does that mean?

My favorite interviews are with the NFL GM’s leading up to the NFL Draft.  They provide such riveting information as “we may go for need, or possibly trade the pick to move up or down in the draft”.  Wow! Fascinating stuff.

Of course it’s not fascinating and that’s the point.  Why conduct these interviews in the first place?  Have you ever noticed how much more insightful these individuals are when they are no longer employed by their respective organizations?

I can go on and on with so many more examples.  Yet now it’s Time for Me to Stop Talking.

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