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Taunting in Sports

Updated: November 3, 2013

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Golden Tate caused quite the controversy last Monday night when he got called for a taunting penalty on one of his touchdown receptions. Tate waved to the Rams secondary, mockingly, as he strolled into the end zone.  The touchdown stood and the penalty was enforced on the upcoming kickoff.

In today’s world, taunting and showmanship have almost been completely outlawed in all major sports.  We live in a nation where young athletes are competing in sporting events where there are no winners and losers, just ties.  Every player must play in every game and the competition is being completely removed from youth athletics.  Winning, losing, and taunting are part of sports.

Are we protecting professional athlete’s feelings by throwing a yellow flag every time they get embarrassed?

Are 7 foot men not able to deal with getting dunked on and having Kobe Bryant taunt them?

Is a Yasiel Puig “flip of the bat” too hurtful to the opposing pitcher?

As an athlete, if you do not want to be “showed up” or embarrassed on the field, court, or ice then do something about it.  Play better.  Strike Puig out.  Block the Kobe dunk. Tackle Golden Tate. Let’s stop being so sensitive and let’s start treating these athletes like men.  Taunting and showmanship should always be and will always be part of sports.

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James Cherrick – who has written posts on Big Dog Sports Blog.


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