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Why Not Tebow?

Updated: November 1, 2013

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With some of the quarterback situations in the National Football League in absolute shambles, I pose this question: Why not Tim Tebow?

Sam Bradford tore his ACL two weeks ago and that prompted the St. Louis Rams to reach to forty-four year old, Brett Favre, gauging his interest in returning to the NFL.  Favre obviously declined.  The Rams were left with journeyman quarterback, Kellen Clemens, starting games.  If you are the St. Louis Rams, why not Tebow?

Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne are the active quarterbacks on the Jacksonville Jaguars roster.  The Jaguars have been embarrassing this 2013 season.  Tim Tebow went to college at the University of Florida and would single handily bring fans to the stadium.  Maybe the Jaguars are just trying to get in the Teddy Bridgewater race, but this season, why not Tebow?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been an absolute train wreck this season.  Coach Greg Schiano has nearly run this franchise into the ground.  With Josh Freeman forced out of town after registering 24 wins and 35 losses and the equally bad Mike Glennon starting games in Tampa, why not Tebow?

The Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback this week is Jason Campbell.   Jason Campbell!  Brian Hoyer was playing very well early in the season, but was lost to a knee injury.  Cleveland continues to run out Brandon Weeden, who has 19 career touchdown passes to pair with his 23 interceptions.  To Mike Lombardi, general manager of the Browns, why not Tebow?

Tim Tebow has been a polarizing figure since his days at the University of Florida.  He has been outspoken in his religious views and his cultural beliefs.  Tebow has acquired a cult following and a fan base, including myself, who wants to see him back in the National Football League.  I understand that many teams want to shy away from the media masses that may come along with signing Tim Tebow, but you cannot tell me that he is not worthy of at least a backup job in this league.  The fact that people with reputations like Adam Jones, Dante Stallworth, and Aaron Hernandez had no problems finding employment, but the Tim Tebow’s of the world are not rostered is an absolute shame.  We need people like Tim in the NFL for our future generations to emulate.

Tim Tebow has done nothing but win in his football career.  It amazes me how quickly we all forget that run he had in 2011 with the Broncos.  Tim had 316 yards passing and two touchdowns paired with 50 yards on the ground and a touchdown against an elite Pittsburgh defense in the Wild Card round as he lead the Broncos to the divisional playoff game.  I understand that Tebow does not always blow people away with his passing numbers, but he brings the ability to make plays happen when they are not there.  The guy flat out wins wherever he goes.

Tebow can bring an immense amount of energy to any locker room.  He can perform and win when he is called upon.  Tim is a football player plain and simple.  Tim is someone you want young children idolizing.   He deserves to be a member of the National Football League, so I ask the NFL one more time: Why not Tebow?

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James Cherrick – who has written posts on Big Dog Sports Blog.


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